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Sirius Coyote is a multitalented group of musicians, storytellers and instrument makers.
They  perform on over thirty different  ancient  and modern  instruments of the Americas
from their  impressive  display,  some of them hand  crafted by the  musicians themselves. SIRIUS COYOTE   will take you on a musical  journey to the  realms  of magical  sounds of  the
Americas from the oceans & tropical rainforests to the deserts & villages of the high Sierras.

Sirius Coyote's many Arts in Education Programs cover all curriculum areas with a focus on the
environment, cross-cultural understanding and creativity as a way of raising self esteem
and comunication skills.

The group is listed with and the New England Foundation for the Arts which can
provide funding for their programs through the New England States Touring
Program and Young Audiences of Connecticut which books in-state Arts
in Education Progarms.

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